Best Ghanaian Gospel Songs Of All Time

Ghanaian gospel songs have seen it all. Every kind of music genre you can think of has been used to produce songs that honour God and minister to people. Growing up in Ghana over the last 30 years, I bet these songs were the bread and butter of your life. Don’t believe me? Check them out!

1. Anka matete by Tagoe Sisters

A classic one for the ages…

2. Yehowa by Suzy and Matt

The defacto worship appellations song in Ghana. True or False?

3. W’aseda Nie by Ghana Gospel All Stars

In my opinion, the best collaborative song ever done in Ghana…

4. Yesu fata ayeyi by Daughters of Glorious Jesus

Can’t leave out this trio…

5. Odomankoma by Nana Yaw Asare

Now this,.. this is one of those songs that the whole church can sing.. chorus, verses, adlibs and all

6. Yedi Nkumin by Tagoe Sisters

Remember those times when you needed a song to push you to higher heights?

7. Asomdwee Hene by Daughters of Glorious Jesus

Another classic among Ghanaian gospel songs…

8. Mennhinhim – Suzy and Matt

Yep.. when you need to stay strong and not stagger in the faith…

9. Aseda ben – Daughters of Glorious Jesus

Now you know a track is old when you’re not even sure of the title

10. Se mekae a – Pastor Joe Beecham

A household song is known by how even non-native language speakers are able to sing it…

11. Se Yehowa hyira wo a – Yaw Sarpong and Asomafo

And again, when it’s so old even the title is unclear…

12. Orekyekye N’adom – Tagoe Sisters

This song has been around for ever. If you don’t know it, you’re probably too young…

13. Akristofo adooso – Hannah Marfo

Another classic from a household music artiste…

14. Wo haw ne sen – Yaw Sarpong

Too old to talk about…

15. Yewo Oman Bi Wo Ho – Helena Rhabbles

Now this… this is what classic sounds like. Gospel music at its best…

16. Di M’asem Ma Me – Getty and Friends

Probably didn’t even know who sang this song… but you’ll love the groove.

17. Gye Me Taataa – Stella Dugan

Another intimate song that carried many through difficult times…

18. Dan w’enim kyere Jesus – Tagoe Sisters

And again…

19. Mmbrane – by Suzy and Matt

Another song of appellations…

20. Yesu Mo – Daughters of Glorious Jesus

Still get to enjoy this trio anytime…

Now these may not the oldest or the most influential… maybe not. Which songs would you add to this list? Which old time favourite did you grow up with? Let us know!

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