Is Coca-Cola about to get healthy?

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Mmm. Chewy coke. (Picture: Coca-Cola Japan & Shutterstock &
Diet Coke is the best thing in the world. 
Even full-fat Coke has its place in the world.
If you disagree, you are wrong.

Hung over? An icy can of DC. Tired? A mid-afternoon injection. Night out? The perfect pairing with vodka.
But one thing I will grant you is that the dreamy elixir isn’t exactly what everyone would call healthy.
BUT that might be about to change. In Japan they’re trialling a new drink called Coca-Cola Plus. The drink, which has no calories or sugar in it, contains 5 grams of dextrin, providing important dietary fibre to your system.
It’s also being claimed that the fibre in the drink also works to reduce the absorption of fat from food, if drunk along with meals.
Obviously, that sounds impossible and totally untrue BUT IMAGINE IF IT WAS TRUE.
Before you book your plane ticket to Japan to stockpile this incredible drink, we do feel that it’s important to tell you one thing.
CNN tried the drink and if we’re honest, their review made us feel sick, rather than thirsty.
They wrote: ‘The effect on the soda is a vague viscosity. Coca-Cola Plus Fiber is like drinking an ultra-sweet cola-flavored jelly with a heavy dose of faux citrus and a biting carbonation.’

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