Sex inspires spirituality in men

New research suggests sex makes men more likely to believe in God.
Researchers at Duke University claim sex could inspire an increased
belief in God
and religion. Sex releases oxytocin which is also known as the "hug
hormone" and "cuddle chemical". Oxytocin occurs naturally and is
stimulated during sex, childbirth and breastfeeding.
For a long time, this chemical has been known to promote social
bonding, trust and even altruism

Now, scientists at the North Carolina University say it could also
incite spirituality in men too. According to them, oxytocin appears to
be part of the way the human body support spiritual beliefs.

The participants were given the hormone while others received a
placebo with the aim of testing the chemical reaction in men. The men
who got a dose of the "hug hormone" were more likely to say that
spirituality was an important part of their lives and also saw
themselves as "interconnection with other people and living things".

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