Simple steps to show your love this Valentine

Valentine is a time of love and a season to show how much someone
means to you. With February being a time of love across the world, you
may want to find out find out the simple steps through which you can
express your profound love and gratitude to that special person.

1. A simple text or call to say "hi"

Trust me, sometimes love is all not about how much you spend or invest
into a person. As normal beings one thing that makes us feel loved is
the power of
communication. And you can be the best of your relationship if only
you learnt this sweet trait. Calling or texting could be the first
thing in the morning or better yet the last thing at night. It works
best than a kiss.

2. Smiles are better than roses

Have you ever been handed a gift with a frown before? Oh yes! You
should know how it feels when the gifts your soulmate shares with you
just don't make up for the sense of companionship you so desire. But a
smile can take all this away. In fact, smiles are respected and
admired as one of the magical tools through which we convey our
innermost emotions. A smile or two always keeps the love burning

3. "I love you"

This is arguably the most used words ever in the world today. But
let's face it, how do you feel when someone tells you he or she loves
you? Believe you me, it is a reaction of inner glow and satisfaction
which reminds us that indeed, we also are special and important.

4. Sacrifice

Love can never thrive if one person does not put him or herself on the
line. Sacrifice is all that matters in a relationship. Sacrifice is
not about killing yourself for the other person. It's simple as
ABC.... from opening the car door for him or her or even serving him
or her first at a dinner table. Just learn to put your partner first
and I trust you, ALL other things will follow.

So with these practical tips, there is no doubt in our minds that your
relationships just got better, brighter and sweeter.

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