Special Day (18+)

Today was gonna be a special day, I was going out with Kunle…The cute
teenager that had a crush on older me. I took my time getting dressed;
I was aiming for the killer look. I got to the restaurant where we
were supposed to meet he was there waiting. The look of appreciation
on his face was worth the time spent. We hugged, sat and made our
orders while we waited for our food we kept flirting and his gaze kept
drifting to my breasts, which were artfully exposed. Our food came, we
ate and then Kunle whispered, wanna go somewhere private?

And I flirtfully (Is that even a word?) answered, Sure.
He paid our bill and led me to his car. We drove off and went to one
of those little gardens along bank road (you know the gardens in
Indian movies where the ''actor'' sings and professes his love to the
babe? The bank road gardens looked like malnourished
versions). We entered the garden and walked around a bit, Kunle kept
hugging me and trying to steal kisses. We eventually settled down on a
seat Kunle gave me a little kiss on the side of my lips and I kissed
him back and I started my 'finish him '' technique (these have been
known never to fail).
His eager hands reached into my dress and cupped my breasts, I
feverishly felt his fly for an erection and oh boy! For someone so
young he was a ten over ten in the size area I pulled the zipper down
and brought out his big cock from his boxers, his dick jerked in my
fist and I managed a little laughter (all these were happening under
the protection of a scrawny tree in an open field.

I got down on my knees and started sucking energetically. Kunle moaned
loudly and moved
restlessly, thrusting and pushing down my head. He pulled me up onto
his lap and while I wriggled out of my panty hose and panties he put
on a condom. I straddled him and he slipped into my wet slick heat, he
held my waist and slipped completely into me. I stuffed my nipple into
his mouth and groaned when he bit me. I rode him like a horse, I felt
so good in the open air without a care, my fingers in his hair, then I
began to feel a tingling from my feet to my nipples down to my belly,
i said softly "I'm coming" and Kunle grunts and thrusts faster… we
shudder and I collapsed on top of him and listen to the sounds around;
the chirping of birds, distant sounds of traffic, some animal moving
about in the bushes close to us. Suddenly, I feel a smack on my bare
bottom with some sort of wood and I heard;

Voice: you be ashewo? Get up from that boy prick!
I scrambled off Kunle and try to re-adjust my clothes and I see two
policemen looking at us with disgust.
*yepa! My own has finished*

Policeman 1: you be ashewo you no know since when we dey here dey look una.

Policeman 2: na so the tin sweet una come dey fuck like dog you no get shame?

Policeman 1: dem do sotay when we come dem no know. U no get house?
Stupid nuisance, your papa and your mama must hear this!

At the sound of this my legs go numb, my sweet mommy that thinks the
cherry@ is still intact, and my dad. (an image of my dad's unsmiling
face crossed my mind) and kapam! I dropped to my kness and started
begging the officers not to take us to their station. At this point I
turn to see how my
"accomplice" was faring and I nearly burst out to laughter, he had
that ajebutter look of panic on his face, my guy was sobbing, it took
all of my power not to fall on the ground and laugh. And the policemen
started threatening again.

Policeman 2: oga get up before i spray you tear gas in your eye.

Kunle scrambled to his feet

Kunle: oga I am standing up. Please let us go

Policeman 2: what do u want us to do? At this stage, I just knew that
the idiots wanted bribe… eventually, we talked to them and money
exchange hands and they let us go. If not because my bag was there and
the idiots had rifles i for ja! We shamefully carried
ourselves and went out of the park into the car.

Morals of the story……………….

Never make out or have sex in compromising
places. (I 'Bigi Benson shamefully disagree, always
more fun in compromising places :D) Always hold vex money, remember
the police is your friend fiend
Do not I repeat! Do not get "freaky" with someone less experience than
you. Fuck it! Age is more than a number.

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