I've been in my car for the past hour thinking about how I was going
to tell my boyfriend Val that I was pregnant. Val was a good guy so I
knew that he would be excited about the news. The only problem was
that I wasn't sure if the baby was his or not. Me and Val been
together for two years now. It has been the best two years of my life.
He's a great guy. No man has ever spoiled me or loved me the way that
he has. I know you're probably thinking, if he's that good why the
hell am I cheating on him? As great as he is, he lacks in the bedroom.
Don't get me wrong, his stroke game is great and he eats pussy better
than any man I know but that's all he does.

We never try any new positions and he never lets me suck his dick.He
always say that that's degrading and he couldn't bare to see his lady
doing something so disgusting. I just don't know how I'm going to
break the news to him. A part of me feel like I shouldn't. He's the
first person who has never done me wrong. He's so patient with me. I
never have to worry about him not coming home. He has never even lied
to me. I guess that text message from earlier just got me shook. He
said that he had something important to talk to me about. Knowing Val,
he was probably ready to propose to me. That's when all this guilt
began to kick in. Maybe I'm just tripping. After all, I've always used
condoms when I would cheat.

I finally make my way upstairs still not knowing what I should do.
There's candles and rose pedals everywhere. The table is set and
dinner is served. Val was a great cook. That's one of the reasons why
I fell so hard for him. Baby, I yelled out to him. I'm in the bedroom
he answered. Dinner looks great Val. What's the special occasion?
There's nothing special about today. I did all of this just because
it's Tuesday and you mean
the world to me. I grabbed his hand to lead him towards the kitchen
table and he grabbed me, looked me in my eyes and started kissing me.
I love you so much he said. I love you too Val. Before we eat dinner,
I want some desert he said licking his lips. I immediately began to
blush. He was so damn fine. Brown skin brother with 360 waves and the
most sexiest smile that I've ever seen.

My panties became soaked instantly. He picked me up and laid me gently
on the bed. We start to kiss real passionately. Next thing you know,
he's inside of me and I'm going crazy. I look him in his eyes and I
began to cry. I love this man so much, how can I ever betray him like
this. I finally made up my mind. I wasn't going to tell him that I've
been cheating. His strokes is getting deeper and deeper and my moans
are getting louder and louder. In the midst of all that good loving,
it just came out. Val, I'm pregnant. How? What the hell do u mean how.
He's on top of me and his once caring eyes are now angry. I was
confused. I thought he would be happy with the news. What the hell is
your problem Val. You can't be pregnant he said in a loud almost scary
tone. It isn't possible. Now I'm pissed off. I never thought that the
man that was madly in love with me would react this way.

Of course it's possible Val. You're the only person I've been with for
these past 2 years. He gets from on top of me and now we're both
standing up angry. I can't believe this nigga. He goes behind his back
and I start to hear something that sounds like Velcro. I couldn't
believe this shit. The Velcro was attached to harness. Val just took
off a strap on. Now I'm standing here confused as fuck. You can't be
pregnant by me Val said handing me
a birth certificate that read Valerie Thomas. This nigga was a dike
the whole time.

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