Many people expect some excitement when they go out on a date, especially one where they meet someone for the first time.
Sometimes, there is also a tinge of concern and worry. But people expect their date to be somewhat positive most of the time. But unfortunately, some dates do not start off as what most might expect. They begin to see the makings of a bad date.
Having a bad date is not always an unfortunate circumstance. It always comes with the dating territory. You have good dates and you can also have bad dates once in a while. Here are some tips to help you get through a bad date if you find yourself into one.
Consider a restart if you are causing the bad date.
Sometimes people cannot help but ruin a date due to several factors. Mistake upon mistake can happen during the date out of nervousness or even the desire to make the experience a perfect one. First aid measures may be needed to further stop the bleeding, so to speak. One way to do that is by admitting the mistakes you made and request for a restart. Sometimes that is all that your date may need to hear. He or she might expect that you are naturally that way. Your vulnerability in admitting your mistakes may even be endearing to your date.
Try to relax.
Instead of acting up because your date is going the wrong way, try to relax and see the humor in it. Try to find something that you can enjoy out of it. You can try focusing on the food or on the music that you hear on the background. You can also try to find something interesting about your date or find ways to make the experience mutually enjoyable. Maybe that may just help turn things around and make your date an enjoyable rather than a forgettable experience.
Try to end it early.
If the date is not going well for the both of you, you can always end it early. Just make sure that you end it on good terms. There is no need to make a bad date from getting worse. If you need to be frank, try to do so. But if you do not have the guts to do so, prepare a way out beforehand, such as a friend calling you about an emergency that you need to attend to immediately. If you will not end it, sometimes your date may do the honor of ending it for you, if you are both in agreement that the date is not just going well.

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