When Legonites Cannot Show Their Faces

Astonished, confused, and ashamed, it took me a while to really
believe I was still on the soil of Great Legon.

On my way to visit a friend , along the famous athletics oval of our
prestigious institution, I didn't know it would be just minutes before
the path took me on a journey to days beyond the Stone Age.

Born in the last date of the 20th century, I always counted myself
unlucky for not living the days of the first man and how he spread
through the world with only a cub, a pair of granite stones, and a
cloth around his waist. I always call him the Animan ( animal cum man
) for even then, animals did not know he was different.

What I didn't also know was that dreams could come true even if it
seemed impossible and that they could even come sooner than you may
expect . Today, out of the blue and in the face of the biggest doubt
ever, that dream of mine came true. I lived the days of Animan in
Legon. In fact I got the privilege of a handshake from afar with him,
no , them !

On full scale euphoria, they danced and showed the reasons even
animals could not think them different. They seemed more primitive
because unlike the Animan, who at least knew he had to put the cloth
around his waist, they wore the cloths on their faces . Why ? , I
still wonder!!

I could ask what they were doing in Legon and how they got here, but
it would spoil the fun. It was still a privilege and dream come true
to see Animan.

I can't think far…

Credit: © Lansah Lawrence | Lansah.wordpress.com

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