You are trying, and trying to destroy me, and hurt me with hands of
people dear to me. You still don't understand, why you can't touch me?
What is giving me so big strength to survive all your dirty attacks?
Answer is very easy. I feel all the time God's protection and care. If
you can't believe it, you won't believe in God at all. I believe. And
I believe, that He is justify judge. That He sees all. That He can
read in our hearts like in open books. I don't know, what reward I'll
get, when my day will come, but I trust God, and his justify

I am not going to church or mosque to pray. I am not making any silly
ceremonies. I built the temple for God in my heart. That's why He is
with me all the time. Maybe it's a bit rebellious, but I know, that
God understands me.

I am not an angel, and I don't pretend as you do. I made many mistakes
in life, but I have a courage to convince to them. I am imperfect, and
I understand, that other people are also imperfect. That they can make
mistakes. That's why I'm forgiving so easily. You are trying to
destroy everything, what's good and beautiful in my life. You are
trying to destroy my every relationship. How you want to destroy my
relationship with God? The only one really important for me. By giving
him bullshit and lies about me, like you are doing with my friends? Do
you really think, that you can cheat God like you do with people? If
you believe it, so you really don't believe in God's existence. And in
his ability of seeing
everything. I am not going to your world, so why you are trying to
invade mine again and again with so many fake identities? Don't you
think, that it's silly and childish?

God is love. It's my duty to follow him. So I forgive you all lies,
and all your evil acts. I love you my enemy, whoever you are. I'll
pray for peace of your soul and mind. For cleaning them from bad
feelings and emotions. Stay in peace dear 😄😊😃

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