PART 2: Agonies Of A HouseHelp (18+)

Oga came back later in the night and blew the horn of his car very
loudly signalling me to come outside and bring in the foodstuffs he
bought. I wore my slippers and went out to bring in the foodstuffs
There was one bag of rice, one carton of tin tomatoes, some onions and
a host of other condiments to be carried inside. I carried the bag of
rice first, followed by the carton of tin tomatoes and then I came out
to carry the last batch of the condiments he bought when he smuggled
a polythene bag into the bag and signalled me that the
polythene was mine. I carried the condiments inside and codedly took
the polythene into my room.

"Let me see that bag you're carrying into
your room!"

Madam intercepted abruptly from the door of the master bedroom. I
froze with fear and my legs wobbled.

"Those are the detergents I gave her to use and wash our bedsheets,"
Oga intervened immediately joining us in the corridor. Madam went back
into the master bedroom while I returned to my small room with the
polythene. Inside the polythene was Meatpie, one chicken lap, popcorn
and canned drink. The sight was so appetising that I instantly started
from the meatpie without delay. The meatpie was very sweet and I
nearly bit my fingers while devouring it.

The chicken soon followed and was extremely delicious. It was well
spiced and grilled and I munched the entire lot in no time. Then I
washed it down with the cold drink and cleaned my mouth.
I folded the polythene bag with the empty can and disposed it into the
dustbin. I felt happy and well catered for by Oga even though my madam
the Jezebel of the house was still around.

Around 9pm the family had dinner and went to bed.
I stayed back to clear and wash the utensils used for the dinner
before having my own dinner. Then I went to bed. Around 1.00am
midnight, Oga sneaked in a usual and I woke up when I felt his hands
gliding up and down my waist and bumbum.
He had earlier suggested to me to stop wearing pant to bed inorder to
make things easier and faster without having to start fiddling up and
down in the darkness trying to remove pant. I took heed of his
suggestion and from that day onwards I stopped wearing pants to bed.
So when he came in that night, their wasn't any blockade on the way so
he felt my entire body with his hands and savouring the soft
contours soon got himself aroused.

Then he penetrated me. His thrusts were sharp and forceful and filled
with lust. Before I could count to 20, he started groaning and
jerking spasmodically as his thrusts became involuntary and I felt
liquid spurt into my wet canal. After that he became still and
withdrew his d*ck, got up and left for his master bedroom…

"I will be travelling for a conference tomorrow morning to come back
on saturday," I overheard Oga telling Madam the next morning. I was
mopping up the toilet and bathroom when I heard Oga telling madam
about the travel. I felt bad. The fact that Oga didn't deem it
necessary to tell me about his impending travel last night when he
sneaked into my room to enjoy my honey pie made me feel humiliated and

"I felt real bad"

With annoyance and subdued fury I continued with the toilet I was
mopping. It dawned on me that even though Oga sneaks into my room
every night in pursuit of my honey pie, he had no regard for me.
The thought alone villified me. But then that was by the way. The main
matter on ground was the fact that Oga was travelling which meant that
madam now had the entire house to herself and woe unto me I was in big

From what I overheard, Oga was going to be away for about one week and
that for me meant one week of agonizing terror. With me and madam
alone in the house with the kids, revenge was not far-fetched. It was
an ideal opportunity for madam to do whatever she wanted with me and I
trembled as the thought crossed my mind.

I was scared.

Madam was capable of anything not to talk of when Oga wasn't around.
But I had no other options than to face my fate. That night, Oga
sneaked into my room once again as usual but this time I refused to
open for him. He was surprised and asked me what the problem was of
which I instantly told him that I wanted to travel with him. Oga
laughed cupping his mouth with his left palm to block off the sound.

He informed me that it wasn't going to be possible for me to travel
with him because of obvious reasons. Rather he advised me to be of my
best behaviour so that madam won't see reasons to punish me
unnecessarily. I informed him that I wasn't happy with the fact that
he didn't tell me about his travel the other night that he came to my
room and he apologised saying that it escaped his mind.

I didn't know what else to say again than to open my legs for him so
he had his way. By the time I woke up the next morning, his luggage
had already been packed and was waiting for me to carry them into the
car. By 9am that morning, he left.

"Adaeze!" My madam called me as soon as Oga zoomed off.
"Yes ma," I answered with immediate urgency.

"Will you carry your dead decaying body to this place before I close
and open my eyes," she commanded.

I ran into the master bedroom to answer in obedience. "As you can
see," she began. "Oga just left for a conference and will not be back
until next two weeks," she continued. "If you want this house to
accommodate the both of us atleast until Oga comes back, I think its
high time you started telling me the truth about what my husband went
to do in your room last night that I don't know about…"


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