• You're open to other people's viewpoints:

People who are intellectually humble, can recognize
that there are two sides to every argument. And they don't just keep
this idea to themselves, they validate the other person's argument if
they feel they're making a strong case. And the acknowledge when
others make good points.

• You recognize when you're wrong:

Those who are low in being intellectually humble rarely acknowledge
that they're mistaken about some fact. Those with high levels of the
trait will be forthright about when they're incorrect and speak up
about it.

• You challenge your own beliefs against facts:

You may have an opinion on a subject, but if you find facts that
refute it, you're likely the first to admit it. You're also more
likely to adjust your worldview
accordingly. Being an highly humble individual leads people to
reconsider their beliefs and attitudes, which should lead them to
adjust or change viewpoints that don't stand up under close scrutiny.

• You're a leader at work:

Good leaders are those who are able to recognize when they made a
mistake ―something that takes a good amount of intellectual humility.
If you're sitting
around a table at a meeting and the boss is very low in intellectual
humility, he or she isn't going to listen
to other people's suggestions, yet we know that good leadership
requires broadness of perspective and taking as many perspectives into
account as possible.

Source: Huffington Post

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