13 Types Of People You ’ll Find In Every Ghanaian Whatsapp Group

Ghanaians have embraced social media so much that it has become daily
bread. Among the numerous social media platforms, Whatsapp seems to be
the 'in' thing for Ghanaians now. Almost every Ghanaian, young and old
has Whatsapp on his/her phone. Another thing that is popular among
Ghanaians on Whatsapp is the groups. Almost everyone belongs to at
least one Whats app group. In these groups, you'll find people with
various characters. Those who greet and go into hibernation, those
who'll only post stuff already posted, the hyper-active members etc.
Below we bring you 13 typical members you'll find in a Ghanaian
Whatsapp group.

1. The Stubborn Group Name Changer

This member will wake up and just change the group name to whatever
makes them happy or what they feel it should be. They might be warned
to desist after it's changed back to it's original name but trust them
not to listen. They'll always change it to suit them.

2. The Inspirational DP Changer

There are groups with a particular DP's to reflect what the group is
about but this member will just change it to an inspirational picture.
No reason given, they just feel like changing it. Just like the Group
Name changer, these people can also be very annoying because no matter
how you change it, they'll change it back and have deaf ears to

3. The Preacher

This member will post daily motivational messages, Bible quotations
and spend time talking about God each day. Once they feel a
conversation is moving towards the angle of profanity, trust them to
come in with a Biblical comment to state how such conversations are
not good for the soul. They always have a Biblical explanation for
everything that happens and their advice on issues is always
Biblically inclined.

4. The Reader Who Never Texts

They are normally referred to as observers. They read every single
message on the platform but will not contribute. Even when their names
are mentioned, they'll never respond. They can do this the whole day.

5. The One Who Is Always Online

The habitual online member. Any time of the day, you're sure to catch
him online. He/She is always involved in every conversation. When
someone sends a message unto the platform, you are sure to have them
be the first to respond. They are those who can send messages of just
numbers from 1 to 1000 when they feel the platform is quiet and nobody
is coming out to chat.

6. The Funny Picture Sender

Once there's a funny picture or meme out there, trust this person to
bring it unto the platform. They have a collection of funny photos
which they unleash on the platform.

7. The Information Minister

Be it current affairs, security issue, kidnap, rape, accident etc.,
trust this person to keep the group informed. Even if such information
is not needed in the group, they'll still send it unto the platform.

8. The One Who Comes Online Every Two Weeks

Whats the point in having whatsapp on your phone if you wont be
online? This group of members will come online, contribute a bit and
then get lost. They wont come online again until after two weeks. Then
the routine greeting and asking how everyone has been starts once
again before they get lost again.

9. The One Who Always Use Emoticons 😀

This ones will never send a message in alphabets, they'll rather do it
with the various emoticons and symbols. Forget about having a normal
conversation with them because they'll always respond with symbols or

10. The Two People Who Always Fight

In every typical Ghanaian Whatsapp group, you'll find two members who
are always at each others throats. What someone says to them that
they'll smile or laugh over, the other says and it turns into a fight.
They fight over practically everything and anything.

11. The Talkative

This one can chat by himself all day. Even if no one is chatting,
they'll be sending messages asking why no one is chatting and why the
platform is quiet. The difference between this one and the Always
Online member is that this one isn't necessarily always online but
when they are free, they'll let everyone know that they have time on
their hands.

12. The One Who Always Laughs At Everything Even If It's Not Funny

These are the "LOL", "Hahahaha", "Hehehe", "Kikiki" lovers. Everything
is funny to these people. Sometimes their amusement annoys ther
members since an issue being discussed isn't that funny but they'll
not listen.

13. The One Who Has Never Used His/Her Own Picture As DP

They'll use their church, parents, siblings, friends, events,
motivational pictures, but never their own picture as DP. On days when
they feel they don't have anything new to use, they go blank, No DP.

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