140 security men deployed to flush out illegal miners in Ashanti

The Ashanti Regional Police Command has deployed 140 security
personnel to flush out illegal miners in the region.
The exercise is being done in conjunction with the military.
The Ashanti Regional Police Commander, DCOP Ken Yeboah, revealed this
during a visit of the Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei Mensah, to
the Regional Police Command.
The Regional Minister has been touring security installations in the region.
This is his first official visit after his appointment as the Ashanti
Regional Minister.

DCOP Ken Yeboah said this effort of the police and military will help
"government reduce galamsey to the barest minimum."
He said the 140 Police and Military men "are providing security to
eject some Galamsey operators within Obuasi and Susanso."
This forms part of the fight against illegal mining launched by
Government and media organizations, to restore vegetation and water
bodies destroyed by these activities.
Many communities in Ghana are currently suffering the negative effects
of galamsey. In the Ashanti region, Galamsey is most prevalent in the
Amasie West, Amansie Central and Amansie east districts.
Although Ghana's laws are clear on illegal mining, the activity has
been allowed to continue for more than two decades.

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