6 Things All Guys Should Stop Doing By Age 30

Congratulations! You've made it to your dirty thirties. But now that
you're soldiering your way toward middle age, quite a few young man
behaviors just
don't cut it anymore. From endangering to downright embarrassing,
here's what you need to leave behind.

• Smoking: It looked cool and rebellious when you were 18 but now you
seriously have to stamp out this stinky, unhealthy and expensive
habit. Not only can cigarettes make you smell like an ashtray and
discolor your teeth, but they're also one of the leading causes of
heart and lung disease.

• Living in Your Parents' Basement: Dude, grow up.

• Binge Drinking: Before you get all whiney, we're not telling you to
quit drinking entirely. In fact, some studies have proven that
drinking wine or beer in moderation can actually be good for your
health. But regular heavy alcohol consumption can qualify as a chronic
illness, and that's no way to live.

• Being Politically Clueless: We live in a time when your voice
really does matter. Beyond that, the further you go professionally and
the more you expand your horizons, the more you'll be expected to
converse like an actual adult who understands the world.

Not Owning a Good Belt and Wallet: Lose the duct tape wallet and
nylon belt and invest in high-quality leather goods. Not only will you
look more grown up, but these items will last you for years.

Ghosting Women: Love in the time of Tinder may help introduce you to
a ton of awesome ladies. But you're not going to be interested in
every one that you meet. Instead of ghosting on the poor girl, man up
and be honest if you're not digging her.

Source: Mademan

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