Government cars sold for Ghc1000 each

Officials of the ministry of agriculture were on Wednesday grilled by
the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) for selling some vehicles of the
ministry below market value.

The ministry is said to have colluded with a private auctioneer to
auction 24 vehicles to mostly staff of the ministry at very low
prices. The auctioneer, Alex Adjei, is said to have to have
contravened the auction laws in determining the prices for the
vehicles, which were mostly double cabin pick-ups. Adjei pocketed
GH¢33,203 as his seven percent commission on the sale of the vehicles,
according to a report by the Daily Guide.

The report said some of the vehicles were old for GH¢1,000 each. A
Nissan Patrol S/W with registration number GV 1285 U was auctioned for
GH¢4,000, while a Nissan double cabin pick-up with registration number
GV 1481 U was sold at GH¢2,000. A Mitsubishi double cabin pick-up went
for GH¢1,000. A Galaxy motorcycle was sold for GH¢30 while an FY
motorcycle also went for GH ¢50. Members of the appointments committee
strongly condemned the deal, prompting officials of the ministry to
apologise for not following laid-down procedures in auctioning the

Adjei, the auctioneer also confessed that before he began the
auctioning process, the vehicles had already been allocated at fixed
prices to staff of the ministry. The ranking member of the committee,
Kingsley Aboagye-Gyedu, suggested that since Adjei did not do his
work, he should be made to return the commission he earned on the
auction. But he pleaded with the committee to have mercy on him and
forgive him.

He said he had learned his lesson and would not repeat the mistake.
The development has provoked outrage in a section of the public. One
netizen, Sertowu, said it was time Ghana got another prison to deal
with corrupt public officials.

"We need another prison in addition to
Nsawam. Ghanaians are suffering to eat and
drink water. They work hard to make ends
meet and these thieves are stealing
everything with impunity. Let;;s retrieve
these vehicles and re-auction them at the
appropriate price," he said.

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  1. That is ghana for u. With this crime he still got balls to sit in front of the panel n was shamefully showing his teeth😂😂😂😂

  2. 😂🤣😂😂😂 maybe he was implementing his own policy *"One Ghanaian One Car*

  3. Lol. Na me boa... U rob us like this n still sit there n laugh. Aaah well, he has a big hrt
    He deserves at least two slaps from every citizen of this country

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