How to win back the love of your life on April fool's day

April fool's day is here again and just like any such days, you must
be on the lookout for pranks that could either scare you to death or
erupt your anger. But for those of us having a terrible relationship
with our loved ones, this day could be the best moment to get your
love-life right! These 4 witty tips should help you get the best of
April fool's day.

Play the victim

Trust me, no matter how bitter your loved one could be, there
definitely could be a sense of love he or she feels for you. April
Fool's day is the best way to bank in on such emotion. So what do you
do? Maybe you could start out by letting a friend (known to your
lover) call and report that you are in a hell of a mess. Suffering a
severe headache, being robbed, invited over by the police for smashing
a bottle on someone's head for threatening him or her. You know, just
something to scare the "heaven" out of him and her for a I'm
travelling, never coming back!

If indeed (s)he truly loves you, there would definitely be a sense of
concern as soon as they know they will no longer get to see you again.
This works like magic!

Ringing the wedding bells

So there you are letting him or her know that you will be tying the
knot with your new love! Hahaha! How (s)he would rush to that wedding
ground to see for him or herself if indeed it's really over. Just
about that moment, it could be just the two of you at the "events
ground". And yea! It will give you time to speak to the one you do
much love.

BUT remember! April Fools day should never be a time of scaring
people's heart of its socket and making others suffer from high blood
pressure. Just take it cool and very much wise enough.

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