‘I was never pressured by Wizkid’, Yung Skales says

Skales in a recent interview granted talks about his music career and
comparisons made with him and Wizkid while they were label mates. He
says singing has always been what comes more naturally to him, but had
to rap because that was the "in-thing" at the time, using that
statement to buttress his point that he was never once pressurized by
Wizkid's talent and fame.

Skales and Wizkid

"I have never been under pressure from
Wizkid. I have always been a singer
even though I became more popular as a
rapper. When I was in Kaduna, I wrote
songs but rap was the in-thing back
then, so that's what I concentrated on
more. I believe that artistes have their
individual styles and it's not necessary
to compare one artiste with another. I
had a wonderful time with EME and they
contributed so much to my career. But
I've moved on and I'm grateful to God
that I'm doing well in my career."

And on what keeps him going with the music in discouraging times,
Skales says there is a greater purpose for the music he creates, which
is to impact lives one way or another.

"I have a very deep passion for what I
do. Anyone who knows me would tell
you that I'm very particular about my
music and nothing is more important
than that to me. I am not in it just for
the money but to make an impact and
also touch lives along the way." the
'Ajaga' singer explained.

This he proved right with his recent signing of an artist named Santos
to his self-owned label Ohk Entertainment.

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