Is Kennedy Agyepong Dead Yet? Oh wait, the Gods must be Sleeping

Some residents of Bole, hometown of former President John Dramani
Mahama are calling on the god of the area to strike dead maverick
politician and lawmaker for Assin Central Constituency Kennedy Ohene
Agyepong. They indicate that threats by Kennedy Agyepong to commit
suicide if Ibrahim Mahama who is their kinsman is not jailed indicates
that he has a personal agenda against him for which reason he speaks
as though the law is in his bosom.

General Manager of Bole based Nkilgi FM and a close associate of
former President John Dramani has disclosed that the gods of Bole will
soon strike him for pursuing what he described as a personal agenda
trying to use state institutions. Speaking on Okay FM in Accra, Mr
Haruna revealed that Muslims, Christians as well as traditionalists in
the Bole area are all praying for their son Ibrahim Mahama disclosing
that the gods of Bole are always on standby to assist any indigene
that is being wrongly

"I will not be surprised to hear the gods of Bole have struck dead
Kennedy Agyepong because it is clear he is the person behind the
predicament of Ibrahim Mahama", he stated
"It is envy, jealousy and even witchcraft that will make a person,
hate his fellow man with a passion to the extent of threatening to
take his life, just to see that person go to jail. You (Kennedy) are
not an officer of GRA and so why are you frustrating our man? We are
aware that Kennedy Agyapong is behind this issue. He is even more
powerful than Nana Addo and that is why he has ordered EOCO to
investigate our beloved son". He alleged.

Bole residents since last week held series of intercessory prayers for
Ibrahim Mahama, who is settling scores with Economic and Organised
Crime Office (EOCO) for dud cheques he gave to the customs division of
the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA)

Opinion leaders from the area Mohammed Hudu and Iddi Mankuma who are
leading the religious exercise on Bole-based Nkiligi Fm disclosed that
they cannot leave their kinsman in his trying moments.

According to them, residents of Bole are keenly following events
surrounding the invitation of Mr Ibrahim Mahama who hails from Bole in
the Northern Region indicating that history is on his side and so he
will surely be vindicated and rise to more greatness. The angry
opinion leaders recounted how Mr E.A. Mahama, the father of Ibrahim
was persecuted by his adversaries but was vindicated rising to become
a Minister under Dr Kwame Nkrumah's government and wealthy man.

To this end, they called on both Muslims and Christians in Bole to
intercede for him urging the traditionalists to also call on the gods
of Bole to expose those behind what they describe as the "political
persecution" of their son Ibrahim Mahama.
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Engineers and Planners last week
was ordered by the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) to pay
GH¢12.7m to the Ghana Revenue Authority by May 8, 2017.

The amount represents duty for goods he cleared at the Tema Port with
the said dud cheques in 2015 plus interest. The interest on the amount
was worked by the Ghana Revenue Authority.

Ibrahim Mahama is allegedly being investigated by EOCO over specific
cheques he issued to the customs division of the Ghana Revenue
Authority (GRA) at the ports to clear heavy duty equipment imported
into the country.

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