Kylie Jenner walks out of red carpet after anti-fur protesters yell "you've got blood on your hands!"

 Kylie Jenner had one of her shortest red carpet photo shoot session ever in Las Vegas.

The 19-year-old reality star posed for pictures at the Sugar Factory’s grand opening on Saturday night.

However, just seconds into the snapping session, Kylie was yelled at by anti-fur activists.Clearly not impressed, Kylie promptly walked off and went inside the building as the protesters continued to chant outside.

According to the Daily Mirror, even though she wasn’t wearing fur on the occasion, the reality star has been known to wear fur in the past.

"You've got blood on your hands,” they shouted amid cheers of adoration from her fans who turned out just to get a glimpse of her.

Late last year, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian came under fire as they arrived for a charity event in New York.
One protester shouted loudly at Khloe, who denounced her support for PETA after Kim was flour-bombed, yelling: "Shame on you! Only innocent animals die for your stupid fashion. You're disgusting. Shame on you!"
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