Reasons Why Men Exaggerate About Their sexual Capabilities

When it comes to s*xual behaviours, some things have become quite common.
For example, when talking about body counts, it is widely believed
that women downplay while men overplay the number of times they've
actually had s*x. And the exaggeration is not limited to that.

Generally, men are known to blow their own trumpets too loudly when it
comes to their s*xual abilities and s*xual behaviours.
During s*x chats, some men have been known to promise potential
partners that they would "show you pepper" , "give it to you so bad
that you'll hardly be able to walk afterwards…" and on and on like
Of course, most of them do not live up to their own hype, leaving too
many women disappointed and really frustrated.

The question now is why do men do this? Why do they exaggerate their
s*xual abilities?
A very easy explanation for this is their problematic 's*xual
orientation.' Many women see s*x as something they 'give' men. They do
not see s*x as a mutual agreement between two people. In their minds,
men need to 'convince them' to have s*x.

So in an effort to do this, the men paint very pretty pictures to
them… these guys say just about anything to get laid. A guy who can't
last more than 30 seconds will make himself appear like a stud who can
actually hold out for as long as a woman wants.

Also consider the hype that has been created around men who are well
hung. The prevalent [wrong] mindset is that guys with bigger s*xual
organs are far better at s*x than those who aren't. So a guy realizes
this and makes himself sound like the 'biggest' guy ever, whereas he
isn't anywhere close.

Another reason is to feed their egos. A guy who has been with many
women is regarded as a superior 'master key' which can be used to open
a lot of doors.

So in a gathering of guys, the one who can read out the highest number
of females he has 'conquered' is seen as The Baddest Guy, The OG, The
Legend… and other ego-inflating titles like that.

If you can earn your guys' respect by just tweaking the numbers a bit, why not?
Overall, what makes guys exaggerate, whether it is their s*xual
abilities or other things, is to make themselves appear better and
more efficient than they normally are.
So the next time a guy sings a tune depicting himself as the
quintessential s*xual partner, think twice before dancing to his gbedu

Source: Pulse

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