Service providers question Nana Addo’s pledge to make Accra clean

The Environmental Service Providers Association (ESPA), says President
Akufo- Addo's promise to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa, will
be a mirage if government sidelines local environmental service

Ghana's capital city, Accra, is saddled with indiscriminate disposal
of waste, and still suffers open defection; a situation which has
earned it the 4th dirtiest city in West Africa. But ESPA believes the
situation can change if government builds the capacity of local
services providers.

The Executive Secretary of ESPA, Ama Ofori-Antwi, who made the
suggestion said: "The government promised to create jobs for
Ghanaians. The government promised to promote the private sector, so
if the government wants to succeed, this is another sector that can be
promoted. I can even testify that we have employed over 500,000
Ghanaians; so if we are empowered, we can employ another 500,000,
making 100,000, then there will be job creation for the youth."

"As for government ignoring the existing private sector, it is
impossible because we are on the ground, we have expertise, we have
done it before. Just that the capacity of other smaller companies also
need to be built so that they can also come up to get that leverage to
solve most of the municipal problems." Her comment comes a day after
the President promised to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa by
the end of his tenure in office. According to him, government has a
plan to rid the city of filth, and further pledged his commitment to
ensure the proper management of waste in the capital.

"The commitment I want to make, and for all of us to make, is that by
the end of my term in office, Accra will be the cleanest city on the
entire African continent. That is the commitment I am making," he

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