I stood there with mouth wide open when the words of Lansah the Poet
heat my eardrum. I did not believe it was a son of the North but I
looked back to Gombilla the Poet, Ewura the Poet, Negus the Poet and
others and I could not still help but to shake the cords in my head.

A young and intelligent poet with a very powerful and capturing name,
Lansah. I do not know the origin of this name but his poems clearly
expatiate what Lansah means. Lyricism is Lansah. Powerful lyrics with
mind boggling. The likes of 'Dagbon Rise', 'If you are in the
University, So what?' and others. This puts you in a state where you
feel you are in the same world with him.

Lansah would provide you with Assistance. This is helping to inspire
you. Inspiration is the reason I listen and enjoy his wonderful
creativity. 'Dagbon Rise', such a poem which makes a flashback to the
times Dagbon had its pride. When Dagbon was regarded as the home of
peace, love and unity. He then foreshadows the hope for Dagbon to rise
back to its previous state and even better.

I would be permitted to say Nutritious poems are served by Lansah.
This poet serves you with a lot of nutritious diets of poems which
will quench your taste to quit life, to give up and also satisfies
your hunger for success. If you are in the University, So what? This
poem will help you see the reality of life outside the four walls of
the university and see beyond what the ordinary do not see.Lansah

The sensibility of issues Lansah delves in is incomparable. You are
put in a state where you always yearn for more poems to push you out
of your comfort zone because of his works. 'If you thought your
success lies within the four walls of a lecture room, do not forget
that prison cells also boast of those four walls.' Lansah Lawrence in
his poem, if you are in the University. This leads you to do more
creative thinking and analysis of where you are and where you are
willing to go.

Accomplishments is what you get when you critically analyze spoken
words from Lansah the Poet. I have learnt a lot from his works and the
final conclusions have always been the accomplishments I get. You are
destined to succeed in life and that is what Lansah the Poet will let
you know and believe in.

Lansah the Poet is going to be the heart of poetry if he is not now. I
have seen features and the potentials of this young man and I have
pledged to be there for him. I know others who have also pledged to be
by him. What are you doing to let this clot of blood be a human being?
Give him the needed audience. Follow him on all social media with the
handle, Lansah the poet. I have, what are you waiting for???

Abdul-Rahim Baba,

Speaker, Leadership Coach & Author.


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