6 year-old boy brutalized with a machete by his stepfather for buying him bread instead cigarette

The little boy, identified as Emmanuel was allegedly brutalized by his
step father for buying bread instead of cigarette he was sent to buy.
According to Basic Right Counsel (BRC) who rescued the boy, his step
father inflicted a deep machete cut on his right forearm. He is
currently at the Teaching hospital where he is receiving treatment
after the forearm bone got infected. BRC wrote via their Instagram

"This is Emmanuel A 6yrs old boy whose stepfather inflicted deep
machete cut on his right forearm bone is receiving treatment. The
child's crime was that he bought bread instead of the cigarette he was
sent to buy. We sent our rescue team, who took him to General
Hospital, The child was later referred from General Hospital to
Teaching hospital because the forearm bone is affected and infected."

BY: Bigi Benson
CEO of www.ayooghana.ml
Contact: +233579090453

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