Bulldog has finally disclosed the basis that made the alleged ‘feud’ between him and Shatta Wale to part ways in the entertainment industry

Bulldog has finally disclosed the basis that made the alleged 'feud'
between him and the self-proclaimed Dancehall King, Shatta Wale to
part ways from their business in the entertainment industry. Bulldog
and Shatta Wale were known in the industry to be attaining higher
heights from the Ghanaian music industry to the world. The news broke
out the two were no longer working together and it was unclear in the
public domain what actually went wrong between the two buddies.

According to Shata Wale's former manager, the Dancehall musician
reported him to the German police to detain him for about a month
overseas in the name of a laptop believed to be owned by the Shatta
Wale in his belongings. Interestingly, the laptop, he said, naively
contained pictures of his wife hence he was declined access to the
laptop even though he told the police he had private stuff on it to
delete. He claimed it was delivered to a courier from the camp of the
Dancehall musician even though he had explained all he could but to no
avail to re-claim possession of the laptop to wipe the pictures.

He further maintained that, when he had the opportunity to return to
Ghana after the police contention abroad, he personally doesn't live
on assumptions so it was confirmed to him by one of Shatta's camp boys
that he had the pictures.
"I learn't he had naked pictures of my wife. No one has the right to
those pictures. He crossed the line to possess that. It went beyond
music. It is true, that's what made me say there is no way to
"When I got back, I left my luggage with one of his guys and he
informed me. I don't run on assumption. He made the German police
almost arrest me that I have stolen his laptop. Unknowingly, I had to
return the laptop to the police and it contained nude pictures of my
wife…" he said.

According to Bulldog, the matter was reported to the Ghana Police
Headquarters where they were invited. During the investigations and
discussions, Shata Wale showed the naked pictures of Bulldog's wife to
some of the policemen.
"When I left the laptop he came for it. He confirmed it at the Ghana
Police Headquarters. He came there showing the naked of pictures of my
wife on his phone to the police. There was an audio tape confirming he
had the pictures…"
When asked by host of Drive Time on Joy fm, if he will ever work with
Shatta, he stressed boldly never to work with him even if he's paid a
million dollars, he added that, Shatta had cross the line of being
friends hence it went beyond music and nothing was left than to part
ways with him.

He revealed it wasn't easy calming his wife down during the time but
they only hoped Shatta Wale wouldn't do anything 'stupid' with it,
besides he had received a lot of counsels and revelations from
renowned dignitaries in the country not to push the matter further so
he heeded.
"Something talked to me; reason I did not attack him. I had listened
to a lot of counsels. People talked to me and there were some
revelations that I paid heed to…"
"I spoke to my wife about him. We calmed the atmosphere. We hoped he
didn't do anything stupid about it…" he said.

With all this happenings, the music producer said he doesn't miss him
but very proud of him and regards him as one of the stars a lot of the
upcoming artists can look up to.
"I don't miss him, not at all. I am proud of him. He is one of the
people a lot of people should look up to. I don't feel I should work
with him. I love my family and anyone bringing issues to affect my
family, would be testing me…" he noted.

Credit: EnterGhana.com

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