Facebook begins crack down on spam websites

On Wednesday, Facebook announced plans to start cracking down on links
to "low-quality" web pages as part of the company's plan to show
people "fewer misleading posts, and more informative posts." Facebook
is starting with the ratio of ads to actual content; a page with too
many ads and not enough original text or images is considered spam.
If a site's ads are "disruptive, shocking, or malicious," Facebook
will make sure fewer people can see and click on it. The company
continues to explain that the links aren't being banned; if you post
one it will still appear on your wall but their news feed ranking will
drop and they will be seen by far fewer people if anyone at all.
The changes will happen over the next few months, and Facebook says it
could mean a boost in traffic for publishers that produce quality

BY: Bigi Benson
CEO of www.ayooghana.ml
Contact: +233579090453

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