However, the popularity of these individuals are not managed well, either by themselves or by their handlers and they are in a matter of days rendered useless and not the toast of society.
In time past, the country has seen several of these one-time social media toasts who have moved on to become irrelevant to the national discourse.
Today, let’s walk through some of these individuals whose popularity in the country has been short lived.
1. The man who brought the term ‘KPAKPAKPA’
This man came into the limelight after he was interviewed on TV about his hassle and how he caters for his family. The man used the term KPAKPAKPA to describe how he gets money to feed himself and his family. The term became popular that the man became a star overnight. However, although the term became a national term, the man’s popularity was not to see the day of light.
2. Rashida Black Beauty
This young lady was the toast of many getting to the closing days of 2016 after she did a short video to insult her boyfriend who had jilted her. In the video, the lady used certain unsavory words against the guy. However, social media users got ‘addicted to her choice of words and her video went viral and became the talk of the town. As a result, she won for herself and award in recognition of her ‘hard work’ and had a pool party organised in her name. The year is four months old and Rashida cannot be found.
3. Two Thoozin
He also became popular through a vox pop gauging peoples expectation for the coming year on new year’s eve. Two thoozin’s choice of words and his pronunciations caught the eye of many Ghanaians including Yvonne Nelson.
However, his popularity was short-lived and is of no relevance today.

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