Government increases monthly allowance of chiefs and queens

Chiefs across the country will now receive a monthly allowance of GHC
1000 instead of the previous GHC 800 while queen mothers take home
GHC500. The increase in the allowance was announced by chieftaincy
minister, Kofi Dzamesi when he met the Northern Regional House of
Chiefs in According to the minister, the move is to reduce chieftaincy

He, however, expressed concern about the increasing cases of
chieftaincy dispute the country and called on the Regional Houses of
Chiefs and the National House of Chiefs to help resolve them to speed
up development. It appears that the minister and the NPP government
have fulfilled a promise made to the chiefs and queens.

"All things being equal, the government of Ghana will increase
allowances for paramount chiefs and queens because what they currently
receive is paltry," this is what Samuel Kofi Dzamesi, said during his

"We believe that it is inadequate, but it all depends on the budget
and availability of funds. But it is my belief that it is inadequate
and if funds are available we should try and increase that money as
has been done in the previous government," he told the appointment
committee in February.

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