I'm sorry; Let me be part of VGMA -Shatta Wale sadly begs Charter House

ShattaWale was banned from the VGMA in 2014 after he made disparaging
comments about Charter House,the organisers of the awards.

Although Shatta Wale claimed at the time that he did not care about
the awards,many of fans have pointed out that given the qualityof
hissongs, he could have won several awards if he had been part of it.
The self-acclaimed dancehall king in Africa finally appears to agree
with his supporters and other music enthusiasts that being part of the
VGMA awards is positive for his career.

In an interview on GHOne TV on Tuesday,Shatta Wale said he would love
tobe reinstated inthe awards. He hassaid he had apologised several
timestoCharter House for his disparaging remarksbut had not received
apositive feedback.

"I have to be there. VGMA is like National Anthem. It is God bless our
homeland Ghana erhh. I have apologised so many times and don't know
how people want this thing to be done but you know me I wish we take
this case from court because it is entertainment,"he said.

He said he would make another attempt toresolve the issue with Charter
House toenable him participate inthe next awards.

"I am ready to do that any time soon my brother. My fans are always
worried. 'Oh Shatta this year you have to go to VGMA','"he said.

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BY: Bigi Benson
CEO of www.ayooghana.ml
Contact: +233579090453

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