Ladies: 10 Guys You Should Never Marry

Every little girl looks forward to her wedding day. They can't wait to
meet the Prince Charming who will sweep them off their feet. But, as
you grow older, you realize that nobody's perfect. Your dreams of
marrying Prince Charming become dashed away as quickly as the movie
ended. So instead of looking for Mr. Perfect, you look for the one who
his perfect for you.

As you look for Mr. Right, you try to look past some of bad traits so
you can see all the good ones. This is good. It shows that you're not
shallow. But, despite how shallow it might seem, there are some guys
you should just leave in the dating pool. Here are 10:

• The commitment-phobe

Finally locked down the guy every girl's been chasing? Well, I got
news for you. Just because he finally decided to knuckle down and
commit, doesn't mean he's committed. If he used to be a
commitment-phobe, he may still be and you'll always wonder how
invested in the relationship he really is.

• The rebel

A lot of women are attracted to the bad boy. There's just something
mysterious and romantic about him. But a lot of times the rebel in
society is a rebel in marriage. And pretty soon you'll find him
rebelling against you, too.

• The narcissist

Narcissus was an ancient Greek mythological figure who was so
beautiful that he fell in love with himself – but because he couldn't
leave his own reflection in the water, he eventually drowned. A person
who is a narcissist is so convinced of their own greatness that they
don't see their weaknesses. Marrying a narcissist is a very one sided
relationship. They're always trying to vaunt their own greatness –
often at the expense of others.

•The control freak

Everybody likes to have things their own way. Unfortunately, because
men are socialized to express hostility and anger when they don't get
what they want, a man who is a control freak can often become
intimidating and even abusive (physically or mentally).

• The I-know-more-than-you

It's a good thing to marry a person for his brains. But be careful
because you might end up marrying a know-it-all. And you'll always
feel like you're wrong – even if it's just an opinion.

• The mama's boy

You've heard that how a man treats his mother is how he'll treat you.
So you look for a guy who is close to his mom and spends a lot of time
with her. But be careful, if he's too close you'll find yourself
married to his mother, too. So you better get used to hearing, "My mom
doesn't do it that way." And you better get used to his mother being
your marriage counselor, too.

• The pretty boy

Get used to spending your weekends at the mall looking for new clothes
instead of going to soccer practice. But at least you'll have a great
looking house and car (even if you can't afford it).

•The pushover

As mentioned before, everybody likes to have their own way. So when
you find a guy who lets you do whatever you want and doesn't complain
about it, you want to grab him up. But after a while you'll find
yourself making all the decisions. And then you'll find yourself
complaining because he doesn't pull his own weight.

• The manly man

This guy talks about sports, beer and hunting all the time. Sure, he's
rugged but you better be prepared to change all the diapers and do all
the housework. And forget about him getting you something nice for
Valentine's Day because real men don't do that mushy stuff.

• The fitness freak

Who doesn't want a guy with chiseled abs and nice arms? But despite
all his good (physical) traits you may soon find that the gym is
taking up an exorbitant amount of time in your family's life. And
you'll find yourself using phrases like "did you beat your PR today,
honey?" But more importantly, a man who lets the gym run his life has
let the servant become the master and you'll soon find that he has
other priorities out of whack, too.

Yes, there are bits and pieces of these personality traits in every
Prince Charming. But just make sure they're only bits and pieces or
you'll find yourself married to a frog instead of a Prince.

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