Marriage proposal: Man proposes to Actress Juliet Ibrahim with bank details

Rumoured girlfriend of Nigerian singer, Iceberg Slim, and Ghanaian
actress, Juliet Ibrahim has taken to her social media page to share a
screenshot of a marriage proposal from one of her admirers, who also
attached his bank details to the email. Reacting this, the beautiful
actress blamed it all on Banky W's and Adesua Etomi's relationship
story that did shut down the internet few weeks back.

Here's what Juliet had to say about the email;

"See wetin Banky and Adesua don cause oh warris d meaning of this nah
oga. Pls pls I'm not searching for banking days of the past… thanks ‍
️ and his photo is old school pic oh which was scanned to send via
email !!! okay pls let's all draft a response for him I think I should
respond. What y'all think ???"

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