MUST READ: “My cousin is pregnant with my baby after a drunken night of passion at a family party”

A confused man has taken to social media to seek for advise(s) after
he made out with his cousin on the night of his farewell party, and
she called in pregnant.

He wrote;

I HAD a one-night stand with my cousin at my farewell party before
going to work abroad, now she tells me she is pregnant and keeping the
baby. I am 26. I got the chance to spend two years abroad with the
engineering company I work for and I really enjoy living and working
in Dubai.'

Every three months I come home to the UK for a week and this was my
first time back. I had a great time. On the last night my family threw
a party. We all had a lot to drink and the party went on until the
early hours. Some of my mates crashed out in the lounge and some in
the spare bedroom. My cousin was staying over and I had given her my
room but I decided to get some kip on my bed too (it's a double) as I
wanted a good night's sleep before my flight the next day.
She went to the bathroom to undress and came back completely unclad
and climbed in next to me. I felt really awkward but she soon changed
the mood and started asking me if I was OK.
She said she was going to miss me very much, then leaned over and
kissed me on the lips. One thing led to another and we had s*x. It was
good even though we were both drunk.

I left early in the morning before she woke up because I felt awkward
about what happened. I did think about her in the following days but
now I have received this email I am totally shocked.
She says she has just done a pregnancy test and it is positive and she
is happy about it. She is only 19, doesn't have a proper job yet and
still lives at home.

How on earth I am going to explain this to family and friends?
I feel like such an idiot.

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  1. Oh No.... if u are drank does not mean your mind is drank...

    It Abomination though but Cousin marriage is accepted in Africa.

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