Tell your citizens to respect our laws – Hamid warns Chinese Ambassador

The Minister of information, Mustapha Hamid has told the Chinese
Ambassador to Ghana that the country will not hesitate to apply the
full force of the law if any Chinese national is arrested in
connection with illegal mining. The Minister's remark comes on the
heels of government's massive showdown with galamsey operators and the
commitment to ending the illegal mining activities across the country.

The Ghana Immigration Service yesterday arrested the notorious Chinese
illegal miner, Aisha Huang while dozens are also being tried for
similar offences. Subsequent to her arrest, a criminal High Court in
Accra presided over by Justice Edward Charles Ekow Baiden today
remanded into Prison custody the 31-year-old Chinese woman suspected
to be one of Ghana's most notorious illegal miners and her three other
Chinese colleagues. The Chinese Ambassador had earlier expressed
reservations about the manner in which the West African country is
treating Chinese engaged in illegal small-scale mining (galamsey)
following the Akufo-Addo government relentless war against galamsey

"The Chinese side is very concerned about this unhealthy tendency,"
said the Chinese Ambassador to Ghana. But Speaking in an interaction
with the Ambassador, Sun Baohong, when she paid a courtesy call on the
Minister Tuesday, Mr. Mustapha Hamid reiterated government's
commitment to fighting the menace saying all culprits including the
Chinese will face the full rigours of the law if they are caught.

"Frankly our biggest headache as a country is the destruction of our
environment, and we are frightened by the prospect that in ten years
if we do not take steps to sanitize our environment, that we would
have to import water in order to drink or even to live. That is a very
frightening prospect and we don't want to get there, so as a
government we are very determined to stamp out all of the
environmental practices that threaten our future, and therefore we
want you to help us in that regard.

To talk to your citizens, engage them on the need to obey our laws and
to behave within the bounds of the law, so that when our laws catch up
with any of your citizens, you understand that it is not a crack down
on Chinese people because there are many Chinese people who are
conducting legitimate business in our country and putting money in our
country and employing Ghanaian citizens. And therefore, we cannot
allow the few who are not behaving according to law to affect the
fortunes of those who are behaving according to law." In her response,
the Chinese Ambassador stated that the arrest of Chinese nationals
allegedly engaged in illegal mining activities is not the panacea to
fighting the menace. According to her, government must rather address
the institutional challenges that have allowed the problem to fester.

"…We think it's very important to provide a very objective view of
this issue to the general public of this two countries. If you do not
give objective view that actually leads to objective view of the
solution of the issue; because only by law enforcement or only by
catching Chinese people on the side will not solve this issue. There
are more structural issues we need to welcome. But we pledge our
commitment to work with this government to find proper solution to the

BY: Bigi Benson
CEO of
Contact: +233579090453

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