Upcoming Ghanaian Blogs/Websites To Watch Out For In 2017

The past few years have seen a steady rise in the quantity and quality of online content made in Ghana. Many Ghanaians blog and the website GhanaBlogging.com is a good aggregator providing an RSS feed of its registered blogs. Below is a list of the Upcoming Ghanaian Blogs/Websites To Watch Out For In 2017. The list was compiled considering the quality and quantity of posts.
Here is the list:

1. Fnnewsonline.com 
 Fnnewsonline.com  is a hot online source for Ghana Entertainment News, Ghanaian celebrity gossip, exclusive awards show coverage & red carpet interviews, videos, movies, entertainment event news, movie reviews, celeb photos, music, lifestyle and fashion.

2. Ayooghana.blogspot.com 
Get the lastest Ghana gist & global gossip . Unbelievable facts & scandals in Ghana & Nigeria.

3. Enterghana.com 
Enterghana.com  is the top destination to discover and share original content focused strictly on African pop-culture, entertainment and lifestyle.

4. TheBigtriceonline.com 
 Ghana Entertainment News, Music Clips, News about Ghana movies.

5. 2eweboys.com
 At 2eweboys.com we write quality original content for your reading pleasure. Read the best articles, funniest short stories and series and laugh your stress away.

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