Rawlings has just revealed a problem with his heart and it's very sad

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has revealed that he is nursing a
heart condition.

Rawlings said this when he visited the Waa Naa on Sunday ahead of an
event to mark the 38th anniversary of June 4 celebrations in the Upper
West Regional capital. He said because he was not getting younger, his
health had not "been the best" and that he had "a bit of a heart
problem". He told the Wa chief that it was due to his failing health
that he had not been visiting the region as often he would have
wanted. Rawlings despite his poor health, he had to make the trip to
Wa for the June 4 celebration because it was a very special event.

The former president's revelation would seem to explain his exclusion
from the campaign of the National Democratic Democratic (NDC) during
the 2016 general elections. Top party officials and party faithful
both in the past and even in recent times have attributed the
exclusion of the former president from party issues to his old age.
Some NPP communicators had claimed ahead of the election that
Rawlings, who founded the NDC, was ashamed to campaign for the party.

But Johnson Asiedu Nketia, the general secretary of the NDC, denied
the claim. According to Nketia, the founder of the party needed to
rest after the hard work he had put in during the party's successes in
past elections. He said Rawlings had toiled for the party and that it
was time for others to continue from where the founder of the party
had left off.

Source: Yen.com.gh

BY: Bigi Benson
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