I Will Marry a lady like Shatta Michy Not Dr. Louisa -Musician speaks


Though the News which went round in the social media circle after stone boy marriage was a comparison between Dr. Louisa Kwakye Ansong and baby mama of Shatta Wale, Shatta Michy whose is known by birth as Diamond Michelle Gbagonah.

Yesterday on facebook i observed a strange post coming from the newly elected Mtn Liberia AMBASSADOR CIC which created a buzz in Liberian media,
I thought my eyes were deceiving me so I decided to go and refresh his facebook page and be sure what I was seeing was right however that is his official facebook page.

The liberian musician seems to be in love with Shatta movement queen and couldnt hide his feelings.His words were full of emotions that might even get the self claimed dancehall king shatta wale questioning her if she has anything doing with him.

CIC is currently the best musician in liberia and is henceforth targating other African countries,the star recently release a new song featuring Ghanaian rapper joey B tiltled Hello
this song has been number one on the Liberian musical chart for weeks now.
News reaching our team is that the he has been highly demanded for in Europe of recent times and is planing on a Europen tour.

However the musician stated in his post how he likes the fact the shatta michy has been supporting shatta wale musical career and demand that she keeps being herself and always continue to support her man in respective of what she hears from haters,
He also wish he could get a lover just like her.however we all know that Shatta Michy and Dr. Louisa are two different personalities so if you love the character of one meaning the other is just not your type as the camparison of of both Artist continue their wives are now getting involve.
I think this is a great news for shatta michy it shows how recognized she is becoming world wide.

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